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Presenting RENEW Africa
LEADING THE WAY - A Johannesburg Diocesan Programme
Bryanston PARISH community

1.0 Renew Africa Gathered as God's family is a three year process of evangelisation and spiritual renewal made up of 5 seasons.
Six(6) weeks per season
One(1) 90 minute get together each week.

2.0 What does "GATHERED AS GOD'S FAMILY" - mean?
Gathering as Small Christian Communities - SCC
Jesus offered us a model for how we are called to live and die in relationship with ourselves, others and God.

Each get together follows Five Elements that indicate a vibrant Christian community;- Prayer, Learning, Sharing, Mutual Support, & Mission that encourages us through our sense of compassion to understand that justice, reconciliation and peace are our responsibility.

THE HOST is SCC LEADER (the meeting takes place anywhere the group agrees to)

The Meeting of 90 min follows a Theme
Gathering Welcome and introductions, A prayer focus
A summary of previous meeting & share how it affected our lives.
Reflection From the faith-sharing book
Faith sharing Discussion on the questions posed.
SCRIPTURE Proclaim- Reading Reflect- From the faith-sharing book
Faith-sharing- Discussion on the questions posed.
A summary Of the sharing.
Silent reflection Seeking God's Guidance on how to live out the message.
Write Encourage members to write down their thoughts.
Share thoughts IF comfortable.
Look ahead Encourage members to act and to reflect on next topic.
Close Simple prayers and hymn.

3.1 What is a Season?
Each of the 5 seasons has a theme and each runs for 6 weeks
Each season has a printed manual for delegates
Delegates form small Christian communities each hosted by a Leader
These Communities meet each week at a time and place agreed on (often the Hosts home)

Season 1 "Meet Christ Today" Focus; Jesus who came to redeem and heal us and teach us how to live
Season 2 "Healing the Body of Christ" Focus; Welcoming God's and forgiveness, forgiving others and seeking reconciliation
Season 3 "We the Church" Focus; The nature of the parish and the universal Church and the responsibility of each member for their growth and sustenance
Season 4 "Sharing the Good News" Focus; The baptismal call to follow Jesus; "new" evangelization announcing the good news as Catholics today
Season 5 "The Church in Africa Today" Focus; Christian charity and action on behalf of justice as a constitutive dimension of announcing the gospel

3.2 Parish work between seasons
Continue in prayer and faith sharing as faith sharing community
Personal commitment to grow together as a community

Every adult must recognise the need for evangelisation and respond personally. The focus is on challenging, guiding and supporting other adults on their faith journey.
We are challenged to ensure that all members of the body of Christ "see him more clearly, love him more dearly, and follow HIM more nearly."

Process of evangelisation, the catalyst for growth in faith
The longest journey begins with the first step
For adults to grow we must hear the Good News and allow God's grace to lead us from the inside.
Jesus did not force HE allowed all of us - even Judas, the freedom to decide. Step by step on their journey of evangelisation, as they travelled with Jesus they were transformed.
Every journey has a beginning.

A commitment to community

The journey of evangelisation: always renewing us, challenging us and drawing us deeper into God

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