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6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, B Daily Missal - page 826
Sunday Missal - page 665

Mass times for the week
Monday 12 February 09h00 -
Tuesday 13 February 08h00 -
Wednesday 14 February 6.30am, 7.40am, 10.00am and 7.00pm -
ASH WEDNESDAY 14 February: Ash Wednesday is a day of fast and abstinence. The law of abstinence from meat binds all who have completed their 14th year. The law of fasting binds all who have attained their majority until the beginning of their 60th year. Abstinence = no meat. Fasting = one small meal and two collations. These laws do not apply in case of sickness.
Thursday 15 February 08h00 -
Friday 16 February 07h40, 18h00 -
Saturday 17 February 08h00
Sunday 18 February 07h30, 10h00 & 15h00 (Zulu/Sotho) -
Special intentions for the week
Prayer List For The Week
Joan Dean, Lynne Spence, Clive & Pam Fletcher, Kenneth Mkhabela, Allan Russell, Pat Allen, Ann Salt, Andy McNally, Pierre Kedzierski, and families in our Parish facing hardships and undergoing surgery and cancer treatment.

Vocation Reflection
Make the story public! Tell the world what Jesus has done for you. Consider a life of preaching, teaching, and service as a priest or deacon, sister or brother. (Mark 1:40-45)

Lord, we present our country South Africa before you. We exalt and bless your name for all the blessings, graces and love that you have given to us as a nation. Our country is now weighed down by many social, political and economic problems. We pray for a spirit of conversion in our nation and its leadership; that all hearts may turn away from greed andcorruption and work for justice and peace. Protect those who speak out against greed, patronage and corruption; give them the wisdom and courage to be the voice of the marginalised. Renew our nation and its leadership by the light of the Gospel. Help us to live out the values of your kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Duty roster for the week
Ministers of the Eucharist Next Week
18h00 Saturday D Brady, S Hasketh-Mare, L Kruger & T Patuel.
07h30 Sunday S Routier, A & J Stark & C Teichler.
10h00 Sunday T Chikane, M Dale, T Kanyangarara & E Mujajati.
15h00 Sunday L Masitha.
Home Visits C Armstrong, J Bolus (w), K Barrett/A & J Stark,K De Villiers (w), R Hawkins, S Hesketh-Mare, L Kruger (w) &S Routier.
Clinic Visits 1) K Cowley & 2) K & E Arokiam.

Readers And Commentators In Church Next Weekend
18h00 Saturday T Sturges & J Shaw. Polycomp: M Brady.
07h30 Sunday P Bale & K Barrett.
10h00 Sunday L Sukhdeo & K Caselli Thomson.Polycomp: D Poultney.
15h00 Sunday -

Next Sunday
Flowers In The Church -
Children's Liturgy C Booyse & C Aaron.
CWL Tea Roster D Behrendt, V Pather & S Stewart.
Parish diary
Sunday 11 February
11h00 After the 10.00 am. Mass The Catholic Women's League provide tea & coffee.

Monday 12 February
14h00 Prayer group in the Cat. Centre.
18h30 Prayer group in the Cat. Centre.

Tuesday 13 February
08h30 Finance Committee meeting.
10h00 Rosary group in the Church.
18h45 Youth Alpha meeting in the Parish Centre. Theme: "Why did Jesus die?"
19h00 Alpha meeting in the Emmaus Hall. Theme: "Why did Jesus die?"
19h00 Bible study in the Cat. Centre.

Thursday 15 February
09h30 Justice & Peace meeting foyer of Emmaus Hall.
10h30 Bible study Parish Centre.
18h30 SVDP meeting Cat Centre.
19h00 Adult Instruction class meeting in the Emmaus Hall.
19h00 Full PPC meeting: Parish Centre.

Friday 16 February
10h00 Healing Mass for Senior Parishioners
19h00 Stations of the Cross

Saturday 17 February
08h30 SPRED in the Cat. Centre
08h30 Alpha feedback in Parish Centre.
09h00 Knights of Da Gama meeting in Emmaus Hall.

Upcoming Events
3 to 10 March
A Week of Guided Prayer will be held in the Parish from 3 to 10 March 2018. This is an opportunity to make a retreat during daily life and to deepen your prayer life. You set aside time each day of the retreat to pray and to meet with a prayer guide who will listen to you and give some suggestions for your prayer during the week. The cost of the retreat is R300. The fee for students is R50. Subsidies are available. Sign Up will be at all Masses 17th & 18th February. For enquiries contact Carol 082 497 0565 or Justine 083 440 9279.

Notices for the Week
Parents and Godparents are required to attend pre-baptism talks before the Sacrament is administered. Please contact the Parish Office to book attendance.

6 months' notice is required and the pre-marriage course is compulsory. Couples must make an appointment to see Fr Keith before attending the course. Please note that due to the irreverence and lack of respect shown by wedding photographers and some guests, photography is not permitted during liturgies in the church.

During Lent, Brother Chalmers will be giving Lenten Reflections on the Gospel of Mark weekly, starting on Thursday, 15 February, at 10.30 am. The cost is R50 per session.

We are appealing for volunteers for Polycom and Collection duty for the 6 pm. Mass on Saturdays on a roster basis. If you can assist, please contact the Parish office or Mary on 083 251 6163.

Kolping Society
As follow up to our introduction in December, we invite all interested parishioners to an in-depth information of Kolping meeting, Saturday 3rd March 2 till 4 pm Contact 082 497 3030/011 792 4210.

Why go on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land? Because the more people you meet in the Holy Land, the easier it is to pray for them. We met with Jews, Christians and Muslims. We heard their stories. We saw how they live. And we were changed.
To get updates and a monthly newsletter, please email Tony Sturges on

Parish Directory
The Pastoral Council would like to encourage Parishioners to support one another via our website. We invite all who wish to advertise their services on our site to email a brief description of the service offered and contact details. An annual fee of R500 will be charged for this facility and will be donated to St Vincent De Paul Society.